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PROLITE-50, 51, 52: Micro OTDR PROLITE-50, 51, 52: Micro OTDR

The PROLITE-50, PROLITE-51 andPROLITE-52 series are optical fault locating and analyzing tools for fibre optics network, and feature hand-held, compact, lightweight, easy-to-use, intelligent and quick test. The Large LCD display and backlight design makes testing work more comfort and convenient no matter during daytime or at night.

As a fault locating and analyzing tool thePROLITE-50/51/52 are easier, smaller and more economical than typical equipments of its class, with higher user value. Besides, PROLITE-50/51/52 can save and transfer the measurement curves data to a PC by the provided software for further analyzing, reporting and printing.

According to the ergonomics, the PROLITE-50/51/52 are designed to fully embody the user's convenience with its large LCD display and graphical interface. The user can activate the measurement operations easily by the push of only one button. The PROLITE-50/51/52 will become the indispensable and ideal tools that all builders, and maintenance personnel of fibre optics networks should have in their tool kit.