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The FOD Modular Fiber Optic Distribution System consists of a 10-slot mounting rack for holding our modular fiber-optic power supplies, transmitters, amplifiers and receivers. The 8 3/4” rack height covers 5 EIA rack spacings, making the 10 module system space efficient. The FOD System has an LCD display for status monitoring, and modules can be changed in/out without power shutdown to the distribution system.

Optical Node Optical Node

The NE1100L optical node is the perfect solution for operators implementing fiber in their system. By using AGC/MGC, the NE1100L provides a stable RF output with a varying optical input. Features an optional return path transmitter and remote monitor module, along with hermetically-sealed housing and ports for excellent reliability in any environment.

Rack Mount Receiver Rack Mount Receiver

The NE1101L utilizes the same tried and true technology as the NE1100L in an indoor rack-mount design with many additional features. Features include LCD display, status monitoring, and front panel controls making it simple to operate.

CATV Optical Transmitter CATV Optical Transmitter

Holland’s optical transmitters offer great flexibility to meet the demands of today\'s CATV requirements. The NE1000 Series transmitters are ideal for offering a combination of analog and digital content. These transmitters utilize a directly-modulated 1310nm DFB laser diode and superior circuit design supporting automatic temperature and power control. Features include gain control (both AGC or MGC) for RF input level, and excellent linearity due to patented pre-distortion technology. The NE1000 Series transmitters are an ideal solution for today\'s medium sized CATV system offering a wide array of services.

- 45 - 870 MHz Operation
- Power Ranges from 4-20mW
- Automatic Gain Control Using Pilot Carriers
- Highly Stable Output
- Network Management Capability
- RS485 Control Interface
- LCD Display
- Patented Pre-distortion Circuitry, Low-Distortion Performance, High CNR

CATV Optical Amplifier CATV Optical Amplifier

The NE6000L-* is a high performance optical amplifier designed for 1550 nm based network applications. This 19” rack mount module is ideal for long haul applications, fiber dense systems, and transport architectures such as broadcast layer transmission and redundant rings. Features high power output ranging from 14 to 24 dBm.