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Series 9900 RF Signal Manager Series 9900 RF Signal Manager

Combining and splitting architectures are becoming far too complex to rely on passive product alone to accomplish the isolation and amplification requirements to support the advanced HFC network designs for new targeted and narrowcast services. The new family of Series 9900 RF Signal Manager introduces a family of special purpose amplifiers that fill a missing niche in today’s isolation and amplification requirements.

The RF Signal Manager Active family is a low-cost, high-quality solution to isolation and gain requirements for new design HFC networks. The active products mount easily in the RF Signal Manager chassis, so platform advantages such as mounting density and cable management are retained.

Series 9900 RF Signal Manager Modules Series 9900 RF Signal Manager Modules

Advanced HFC networks now include numerous 2-way interactive services that offer significant new sources of revenue for the system operator. These networks have changed the requirements for headend/hub RF combining and splitting networks. New services coupled with fewer homes passed per fiber node require a completely engineered method of RF signal routing and interconnection at the headends and hubs where the services originate.
The Scientific-Atlanta Series 9900 RF Signal Manager is a family of products designed to simplify the complex RF networks that support these key services in HFC system headends and hubs. A complete family of passive signal splitting and combining modules support both forward (50-1000 MHz) and reverse (5-70 MHz) path applications.

The Series 9900 RF Signal Manager is a modular system that provides completely symmetrical splitter/combiner and directional coupler components that mount easily in a multifunction chassis. Each forward or reverse module is available in 2, 4, and 8-way versions. Directional couplers (10 dB and 20 dB) are also available to provide low loss signal sampling or test point access anywhere in the network. Each module offers superior electrical specifications compared to taps or generic headends and hubs where the services splitter/combiner components and is packaged to ensure outstanding RF integrity. The Series 9900 RF Signal Manager module packaging allows for maximum product density without exceeding normal practices for accessibility and maintenance. The 4-way and 8-way versions utilize plug-in attenuator pads for enhanced signal balancing and matching requirements.

In addition to the modules themselves, the Series 9900 RF Signal Manager system provides a chassis/rack mounting system that fits the architecture of typical CATV headends and hubs. This system provides easy access to each module as well as methods of identifying its dedicated use in the network. Emphasis has been placed on the ability to build flexible networks with ease of maintenance and accessibility to the modules and interconnecting cables.