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GuideBuilder MPEG Analysis

Since 1997, Triveni Digital has created innovative solutions for broadcast, cable, telco, and IPTV networks. Our products benefit from industry-leading technology, deep experience in advanced digital media, and leadership roles in organizations such as ATSC and SCTE. We are the market leader in metadata management and advanced content distribution systems.

Better TV means better revenues

Our video quality solutions provide cost-effective monitoring and troubleshooting for the full gamut of digital TV distribution systems. By ensuring transport streams are carried and received correctly, Triveni Digital products help broadcasters, cable operators, and other DTV content providers take full advantage of new distribution channels, revenue opportunities, and business models.

Forging the future of DTV together

At Triveni Digital, our focus is to fully integrate with the diverse ecosystems of our customers. Our products operate seamlessly with other vendors’ equipment to support reliable distribution of digital programming while lowering operational costs. With our long-standing experience and commitment to leadership in emerging DTV standards, Triveni Digital is your partner for the future.

GuideBuilder MPEG Analysis
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The StreamScope MT-50 The StreamScope MT-50

The StreamScope MT-50 HDT is a high-capacity professional MPEG analyzer with a high-def touchscreen. Now you can troubleshoot transport streams at the touch of a finger.

For comprehensive MPEG analysis This real-time, rule-based analyzer handles multiple inputs simultaneously. With pinpoint accuracy, the MT-50 HDT checks video and audio quality, monitors regulatory compliance, pinpoints metadata problems, and more.

StreamScope RM-40 StreamScope RM-40

Triveni Digital’s StreamScope RM-40 is a cost effective remote DTV transport stream monitor that provides effective quality checkpoints throughout your video network. The RM-40 can be configured for fulltime MPEG monitoring with a variety of signal input types, including QAM or 8-VSB, ASI, SMPTE-310 or GigaBit Ethernet IP. By continually monitoring all programs on all inputs, checking for MPEG errors or parameters not meeting ATSC, A/78, MPEG, SCTE or DVB standards, the RM-40 will alert cable TV head-end and broadcast engineers to service anomalies according to user defined severity levels. Engineers can select the type of alert to issue, including SNMP traps, cellphone/pager calls, emails or contact closures, along with the ability to define how often and how many alerts to send. The optional Remote Troubleshooting Module (RTm) now includes ‘LSm’ – Live Service Monitor, providing real-time video thumbnails, error/rule details and graphs of video service quality, bitrate and tracking of any changes to the stream under test.

Triveni GuideBuilder Triveni GuideBuilder

GuideBuilder® generates accurate, standards-based PSIP, DVB-SI, mobile ESG, and other metadata. With more than 1,300 deployments, GuideBuilder has been the industry-leading program guide metadata generation platform for over a decade.

Cable TV operators today provide electronic program guides for clear-QAM tuners, DVB-SI DTAs, and MDU installations. That's why they need GuideBuilder 5, the fifth generation of the leading EPG metadata platform.

GuideBuilder 5 ingests schedules from listing services, generates PSIP and DVB-SI metadata, and outputs electronic program guides for thousands of CATV channels and services. With GuideBuilder 5, you can easily configure channel lineups, set automatic schedule ingests and outputs, view and edit program descriptions, and more.

GuideBuilder 5 builds on a reputation for usability and reliability with a web-based GUI, a Linux-based OS, and many performance improve-ments. With simple software updates and cost-effective cloud-based and software-only options, GuideBuilder 5 sets the stage for future metadata extensions.

StreamScope Portal Tablet StreamScope Portal Tablet

StreamScope Portal is the personal, portable MPEG analyzer for transport stream troubleshooting anywhere.

MPEG analysis on the go

StreamScope Portal performs complete real-time and file-based MPEG analysis. Its user-friendly form factor and multiple input options provides unprecedented ease-of-use and convenience.

StreamScope Portal analyzes video and audio bit rates and buffers, service statuses, LKFS levels, PCR jitter and accuracy, and more. With its color-coded GUI, you can drill down to table metadata, EPGs, log events, and more details. Plus you can customize the analysis rules to meet your troubleshooting needs.

Our Price: $13,300.00